Destiny Davis Realtor News

Purchasing a home is a big deal. Whether it’s your first home or your fifth, you’re making a big decision on something that will be a part of your life for a long time. When making a decision of such magnitude, it’s important that you have someone on your side that you can trust. You need a hard working real estate agent who knows the area, the process, and the best way to help you find a home that meets your needs. At the end of the day, you want someone like realtor Destiny Davis.

For as long as anyone that knows her can remember, Destiny Davis has displayed all of the important characteristics that make a successful businesswoman and subsequently a real estate agent. As a hardworking and ambitious teenager, Las Vegas native, Destiny Davis, graduated from high school at the young age of 16. From here, she went to continue her education at UNLV. In 2008, Destiny Davis graduated from UNLV with two degrees: one in economics and the other in business law. This educational background helped set the foundation for her well-rounded skillset that her clients have come to know and love.

In October 2015, Destiny Davis obtained her license to sell real estate. Since then, she has sold over $15 million in prime real estate and has amassed well over $20 million in active listings. Destiny is as dedicated to privacy as she is to attention to detail. With that, her client list contains a variety of high profile clients who appreciate the discretion and dedication to ethical customer service that she provides.

As a real estate agent, Destiny Davis is never satisfied with the status quo. She continued her education at Pepperdine University where she graduated with her MBA in Finance. This, in addition to her two previous undergraduate degrees, makes her a real threat in the California real estate market. With her knowledge, Destiny Davis is able to help her clients and developers work through difficult pricing situations that may present themselves during the process.

In addition to helping her clients find the home of their dreams, Destiny Davis also has a few other passions. She loves helping children and involving herself in organizations that help animals. When she’s not selling homes and empowering women, you can find this dog mom outside enjoying nature, playing with her dog, and practicing yoga.